Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Running on Sunshine

I'm an on and off runner, I'm not very good, I enjoy it when I'm out there but I struggle with my frequency of runs. So I have a plan I intend to run at least 4 times a week. Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. I can't manage Tuesdays as Monday night yoga seems to make me have a sleep time coma, and I find it nigh on impossible to get up in the morning.
Anyway back to the plan, I have set myself up with everything I need to stick to it, I have an interval app, GPS app and of course Spotify for the actual running, I've got enough P.E. kit and trainers. I even have a goal! I have an obstacle run at the end of October and ideally I would like to enter the local half marathon next year...

Now all I need to ditch is the friggin excuses and negative thoughts. I love how running makes you feel, not so much during but definitely afterwards. I feel more lively, I can get up earlier and have less cravings for naughty food. I just have to remember that when it gets tough.
So far so good though I was out Monday, and this morning, and check out this beautiful sunshine, that makes it worth getting up early too.

Do you enjoy running?