Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Meet Molly

I would like you to meet Molly Mittens, otherwise known as Molly Moo, Moogles or the Moog. She has been with us for 1 whole year in September, and is already queen bee in our flat.
We got her when she was a tiny kitten, and she wasted no time in making herself at home, she is a Ragdoll cat, with a love of boxes, bags and boys. Oh and of course a regular tummy tickle.

She likes to pretend she is shy, but she is actually a bit of a diva...

If she can get in it she will, but her favourite place to sit is on our headboard in the bedroom...

I just thought she should be on here somewhere seeing as her attention seeking, sock stealing, cute looking ways are the reason a lot of stuff doesn't get done. OK well that's not strictly true but she is so easy to waste time on.

Do you have a pet that craves attention?