Friday, 2 August 2013

Mad Hatters Tea

Well it happened, I turned 30 yesterday. The world didn't end, I didn't wake up with a full head of grey hair or deep set wrinkles all over my face, so I'm ok. Also my bestie reminded me that I am the youngest in our group of friends, which is nice.

So for my birthday my boyfriend an I went to the Sanderson hotel in London for the Mad Hatters Afternoon Tea. It was amazing! Sandwiches, loose leaf tea and cake lots of cake. It was so rich we didn't feel like we needed anything else for the rest of the day.

We just mooched around London for the rest of the day, we had the best of intentions to go to a museum or gallery, but it was so hot and getting from A to B seemed to take so much effort. But in all I had a great day. Now I'm off for dinner and drinks with friends to continue the birthday fun.

How do like to spend your birthday's?