Friday, 2 August 2013

Pre 30th blues

Well Wednesday was a rough one. It was the day before my 30th birthday, and for some reason this particular birthday has put a little black cloud over me for the past few weeks and playing havoc with my emotions. I know, I know it's only a number but I just couldn't shake it.

What made things worse is my friend cancelled our plans for the evening, and my other half had gone to watch the cricket for the evening, so I spent it all on my lonesome.

So to make up for it I pigged out on 2x pecan slices for lunch and a box of milk tray for dinner (courtesy of my ma and pa). Then I finished my book The Glass Painters Daughter and fiddled with my wedding plan file, can't say I really achieved a lot but hey I was feeling sorry for myself.

How did you feel when you turned 30, or is it yet to arrive?