Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Juice Day 1

Today, we started our first proper experiment with juice fasting. We have decided to attempt 3 days, so that it will be over by the weekend. I have heard however that the first 3 days are the worst...

This is the beautiful green concoction that we had for breakfast, I also made up enough for me to have at work, we used:
We then had a fruity one for dinner. 
It is tough. If only because my man has stopped with the cigarettes too so he is driving me a bit mad. 
My tummy was grumbling something chronic this morning and we have both suffered with hunger pains and headaches. Hopefully it will get better seeing as this is only the first day, and more importantly I hope the weight loss/detox kick start will be worth it. I will check in Saturday with how it went and results! 

Have you ever tried juice fasting? How did it make you feel?