Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Photography Project

As I have mentioned before both my boyfriend and I are quite interested in getting into photography. However we are both quite bad at getting completely carried away and then not actually seeing things through, so my idea is to pick a project and see it through as best we can with our existing cameras, i.e. a standard holiday snap digital number and our iphones. 

The project I have chosen is a 365 challange, where we take a photo a day for a year. I thought this would be a fun one especially as it won't be long before there is 365 until our wedding day! So then we definitely have a specific start date and end date.

It will also be quite fun to see how our style develops over the year, and to work out if we enjoy it enough to actually see it through. If we do, we are discussing the possibility of treating ourselves to a couple of fancy cameras after the wedding, to help with awesome honeymoon snaps, but that is just us getting all carried away again.

So I'm thinking maybe a flickr account might be helpful, and maybe monthly updates on here?

Have you ever done a photography project?