Thursday, 15 August 2013

Little Festivals?

How do you feel about festivals?

I went to V Festival a number of years ago, and I remember enjoying most of it at the time. There was obviously the huge queues for nasty toilets, showers that some scumbags used as toilets, and camping. But other than that, I had a lot of fun with my friends got a bit drunk and saw quite a few cool bands.

I just really am not a fan of camping, or people, I'm really not a fan of them anymore either, the older I get the less I seem to like a crowd.

Though having said that I really feel like I should go to a few festivals, maybe not the big ones but little ones would be ok. And although I feel like I should like camping because it seems quite trendy at the moment, I really think glamping would be more my style. Especially as I am a class 'A' bitch if I don't get enough sleep. 

So does anyone have any suggestions for a 2014 festival, quite small but with good bands and plenty of other things to do, with the option of glamping or similar?

Do you think that might be too much to ask for?