Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Off Target

I am a little bit annoyed at myself at the moment, I am only 2 weeks in to my 4 runs a week personal challenge, and I am already short on last week! I only managed 3. There was a little bit of disruption last week, and my usual routine was thrown out slightly but that is no excuse. 

I seem to have a fear of running at any time of the day that isn't first thing in the morning. I try to tell myself it's because it's the only time I can feasibly fit in a run during the day, but this just isn't true. It's because I am in fear of strangers, or worse someone I know seeing me run, scrutinising my wobbly bits, sweat marks and baboon bum red face. I know think I can't possibly look as bad as I imagine, but that doesn't stop me getting paranoid about it.

So this week I have an added challenge of going for a run in the afternoon/early evening, when it's busy and people are everywhere. I may stick to slightly quieter roads but I will do it. I will have to if I want to make up for that missed run last week with 5 this week! Wish me luck.

Do you ever lie to yourself, so you can pretend it's not your fault?