Saturday, 3 August 2013

Birthday Drinks

So last night I went out for some more birthday celebrations, first my mister and me went for dinner at the Black Market. I think the food we had was Persian, that's what it said on the menu anyway and it was delicious. I had Zereshk Polo, chicken with berries and pistachio, and Adam had Ghormeh Sabzi, green beef stuff, I can't remember what was in it but it was good, I will definitely be having that next time. Would highly recommend going there for food if you are ever in the area, they do some great burgers, seafood and pizzas too.

We then met up with a couple of friends for some drinks in the old town. I started the night with some Black Cherry Bulmers, but it was far too sweet to have more than 2, so ended the night with my trusty Jack Daniels and coke. Did a bit of dancing and made it home about 3:00am. Felt a little fuzzy this morning but nothing a gallon of water wouldn't fix. Maybe I'm not over the hill quite yet :o)

Do you have a go to tipple of choice?