Monday, 9 September 2013

Weekend in Worcester

Not so much a weekend as a flying visit, we were travelling down on the Saturday, everything was going to plan and then this happened. Didn't even realise at first we just thought the road had got really bumpy, until we saw the smoke... Burning rubber does not smell good. Luckily it was the passenger side so it wasn't as hairy as it could have been to change on the hard shoulder. 

Motorway driving on a spare is not fun, seeing as you are not meant to exceed 50 miles per hour and we still had an hour to go. I have a little more sympathy for caravan towers now, not a lot just a little. We did manage to find somewhere to get a new one at our destination which I was extremely thankful for, I did not want to travel back on a spare, probably would have doubled our travel time.

This was our beautiful hotel, it's looks ever so pretty from the outside, it's not all that on the inside unfortunately, nice, modern and clean but nothing special. We did meet a crazy old lady in the car park who couldn't work reverse on her car, and expected us to push it, uphill!! She managed to remember how to drive it in the end thankfully, I really think some old people shouldn't be trusted with cars... am I wrong?

This beauty was behind our hotel, overlooking the car park! Bit strange but not an unwelcome site.

The reason we travelled all this way was for a 40th Birthday dinner, it was in held in their local pub, literally opposite the Birthday boy's house. I really enjoyed the food, poached duck egg, belly pork and pigeon finishing up with Toffee Holly Hog. As you can probably tell I tucked into my main before taking a picture, it was good though nom nom. The pub also had some tasty ale on from their micro brewery "This", "That" and "T'other".

The weekend seemed to fly by but it was fun, it's nice to get away and take in the scenery of a different town. Still nice to get home though if only to see Molly Moo.

What did you get up to this weekend?

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