Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Keep on Running

The worst thing about going for a run super early, is that you are usually the first person to walk/run along those particular pavements that day. Which means you get to clear the route of all the sticky cobwebs made by the busy nocturnal spiders, and for some reason they always seem to whisp around at head height!!! No fun, and I always get just a little bit freaked out thinking that there may have been a rogue spider still attached. OK rant over.

I have still been going running, although I failed my personal challenge of 4 runs a week last week, (only did 3) and I didn't quite muster enough courage to get out there of an afternoon/evening, but I will at some point. 

But I think I need to scale back on the pressure I am putting on myself, I am still doing 3 runs a week and I do manage to go just a little further each time, which is amazing for me, so I should be proud of myself, not thinking myself a failure. I think maybe 3 runs a week is a more realistic goal and any extra will be a bonus. Otherwise I'll just end up getting really cross with myself and forget that I have actually come quite far. I am not a natural runner, not even when I was little, but I think I am finally coming pretty close to cracking it, with the help of yoga and some handy phone apps.

This is what I was confronted with this morning though, not sure if I was early or Mr. Sunshine is getting tardy, but it was dark out there this morning.

Do you ever set yourself unrealistic goals, and have to scale it back?

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