Sunday, 1 September 2013

Two Girls on Tandem

Yesterday me and a friend hired a tandem, we've never ridden one before just thought it would be fun. And it was once we got going it was, it just a bit tricky to actually get going, didn't help that we couldn't stop laughing. My friend likes to be in control, so I let her go in front to steer and I didn't want to take the blame if we crashed. It was both scary and fun, scary because I couldn't see where I was going but fun because I got to take in all the beautiful scenery.

We headed along the seafront using the conveniently placed cycle paths, we took a picnic with us and stopped in Bexhill, to scoff and enjoy the sunshine. Took a few pictures, cute bell on the bike we had one each, both with Mickey on though. We chained the bike up for a bit and had a wander around, got an ice cream, and had a pint of Pimm's before heading back, it wasn't quite a pint but it may as well have been.


It was a hell of lot hotter on the way back and the front was a lot busier, but it seemed to be easier on the way back, I think maybe we had just got the hang of it. It's amazing how excited people get to see a tandem, we got loads of smiles and waves from the kiddies, which made it all the more fun, I think so anyway.

When we got back, we took the bike back and headed straight for the pub for a cold cider, nice. It was a great day obviously the weather helped, only down side I have a very sore behind today. Maybe a few spin classes will help me out for next time, because I'm pretty sure there will be one.

Have you ever ridden a tandem?

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