Thursday, 19 September 2013

Yoga Eureka!

There is nothing quite like a good stretch, and yoga for me is just that. I have to admit that my stretching routine after my run attempts is poor at best, it mainly consists of collapsing on the floor and checking instagram. So I really look forward to my yoga class.

I can feel myself getting stronger and find it easier to ease into deeper and deeper stretches. My only issue is that as I improve and get a bit more bendy, I feel like my body lets me down, in only that there is too much of it. I am not slim, I have been working on it for the last god knows how many years, but as of yet, slim I am not. But now I am finding that this is causing me issues in ways it never has before, and maybe this is the eureka moment I need to change.

It's strange I have my wedding in a year, and am desperate to tone up the bingo wings before then. But it still seems so far away so it feels like I have stacks of time, and I know that feeling will continue, until it's too late, because I've done it before. So now I am hoping that if getting slimmer means that my yoga will improve, I should be able to actually see it on a weekly basis, and those tiny, minute, improvements only noticeable by me will spur me on. That is the dream, but for me knowing what I have to do, and actually doing it are still poles apart. 

Watch this space....

How do you feel about yoga?