Monday, 16 September 2013

Running Roundup #1

Typical, the week when I have decided to start my weekly posts recording my running progress, is the week I seem to have to decided to regress. I haven't done this on purpose and in all honesty am really quite cross with myself. I did consider putting off starting the posts until next week, but ultimately this is supposed to be about my progress, and deep down I know this won't be the last time I have a week like this, I just wish it hadn't been this particular one. I just seem to get those few days every so often (a little too often) when it seems to be all to easy to make an excuse, and lose all motivation. Oh well at least I have an easy target to improve upon...

So I only went out twice this week, I was all set to go out on Thursday too, even got up early and put my running stuff on, looked out of the window, saw rain and my resolve deserted me. Usually I don't mind the rain but for some reason on Thursday rain stopped play. I was even more annoyed with myself when I looked out 10 mins later and it had stopped, by which time I had decided it was too late to set off. I did do some yoga instead though so all was not lost. The rest of the week was a write off though, motivated Chloe had left the building. So I spent the weekend knitting.

Monday 9th Sept 2.7 miles

Wednesday 11th Sept 2.9miles

As you can tell by my distances I am still very much at the start of my journey so hopefully there is tonnes of room for improvement, just need to do something about my commitment issues.

How do you stay motivated?