Monday, 30 September 2013

I Dream in Tangerine

I have really enjoyed getting up and running with my blog, however the more posts I do the more I realise how stupid the title is. When I was trying to open a blog I was getting really frustrated that all of the names I wanted had already been taken, so I ended up typing in something long winded and awkward. Which is fine when you are just messing around, but I found that when I got to a point where I wanted to tell friends and family I was too embarrassed. 

So I have started a new blog "I Dream in Tangerine" which is much more me. Most people that know me already know I have a slight obsession with the orange spectrum so this name fits. I am also attempting to make it a little prettier and a bit more me as well as making use of our super duper new camera.

Hope to see you there as I put "Best Intensions of a Serial Procrastinator" to bed. I will still be blogging about the same things just with better pictures and a less wordy title. Laters.