Monday, 23 September 2013

Running Roundup #2

Feeling a bit more positive about my runs this week, I didn't manage to improve on frequency but I did manage to increase my distance, which I'm really pleased about. It is so dark when I set off though, I make a point of not turning on my music until I'm at the main road, just in case.

So this week I managed my first 3.4 miles which is equal to about 5km, yay. This was my target for my morning runs, so now I know how far 5km is on my route I don't have to use my phone app anymore, I can just listen to my music uninterrupted.  

Wednesday 18th September 3.4 miles

Friday 20th September 3.4 miles

So my plan from now on is to run at least 3x 5km per week, and once I have my routine going I will hopefully start to add in a long run at the weekends. I don't really have the time in the week for a longer run, but if I can continue with my 5km, and improve on my time maybe I can add on a little distance in the future. So onward and upwards.

How do you feel about morning exercise?