Monday, 29 July 2013

Running Shoes and Yoga Toes

Right well I have started as I mean to go on, this morning I managed to drag myself out of bed at 5:30, (was then confronted with cat sick which really did wake me up) and went or a run. I'm still a relative novice when it comes to this running malarkey, so it's just intervals at the moment but I'm working on it, and making good progress, well I think so anyway. 

I think I might need some new running sneaks though, that's a hole in the toe...

Then after work I went for my Monday night yoga sesh. It's a beginners class but I love it still manage to get a good stretch, and chills me right out. I usually manage to fall asleep during the relaxation at the end which can be a bit embarrassing, but meh I don't care that much. I always seem to sleep much better at night after yoga too, so try to avoid early morning exercise on a Tuesday to make the most of it. I actually had my my toenails painted too, so it was my first class without socks!!

What do you do to help you sleep?