Thursday, 18 July 2013


Last day before we are off to sunny Rhodes for a week, not that it's not sunny here but it's different when you're away isn't it, you don't have to work for a start.

We are just doing that thing of clearing out our fridge/cupboards before we go away, and eating or chucking all the stuff that won't keep. So I finally got around to eating my Ilumi, pork, mushroom and madeira meal pouch. Soo tasty, I got it in a mix of things I was trying out and I will definately seek it out again in the future.

Think I may have left a few too many thing until the last minute though, at work until 4:30, then a session with my personal trainer until 6:00, then my Mum is over at 7:00 for cat babysitting instructions and I still have to pack!! Whoops. Flight is at 5:40am in the morning so I may just have to sleep on the plane...

I'm not the only one that leaves packing until the last minute am I?