Saturday, 27 July 2013

Holidays in the Sun

So last week me and my fella were in Rhodes, for some well earned relaxation in the sun. We had a beautiful view from our balcony at sunset. My pictures don't really do it justice.

True to form I didn't do any exercise as planned, but I did make a workout plan for now we are are back. I will see how I get on with that... think maybe I'm being a little too ambitious but I'm a bit all or nothing unfortunately which can be my undoing when I lean towards nothing. We also agreed that we wanted to have a go at a juice detox a go, and I did actually buy a juicer today, just need to get the fruit and veg now.

Our hotel was amazing, it was a budget one so fairly basic, but it was like being in a time warp. Everything was immaculate and looked new, when at the same time looked like it had come straight from the '70s.

Most of the time we just sat in the sun, I managed to get through about 6 books. I had forgotten how much I love reading! Also wrote a load of lists of things we need to do, so hopefully we will get things moving, I'm quite keen to shake off my procrastinating ways, but only time will tell. Maybe books will be my new distraction hehe.

Do you like reading, what have you been reading this summer?